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Practical tips on what to look for when browsing hemp portals in search of the best CBD oil

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Below we present information that makes it worth choosing products marked with the “Golden Cannabis” quality mark.


Independent anonymous purchase of a product for market research

After receiving the manufacturer’s application about the willingness to certify the product with the “Golden Cannabis” quality mark, we make an anonymous and completely independent purchase of preparations for compliance testing. The manufacturer does not know from where, when and by whom the product will be purchased, so it is not possible to “prepare” appropriate samples, and the oils obtained directly from store shelves are tested.


Confirmation of compliance with the declared composition

Thanks to the analysis of cannabinoid content in an accredited laboratory, you have reason to believe that the product complies with the specification declared by the manufacturer. The accredited test methods we use are subject to strict control by a government institution – the Polish Center for Accreditation. We also compare the results of our analyzes with other laboratories in the world – during proficiency tests – which ensures the repeatability of the test results.


Purchase from a manufacturer that has nothing to hide

Producers voluntarily independently evaluate their products. Which means that the products they offer are of the highest quality, have nothing to hide, they want to emphasize honesty and care for quality.


Distinguishing a full spectrum product from CBD oil

It is worth checking if there are other valuable cannabinoids in the oil sold as “full spectrum” besides CBD. You will also find out thanks to the certification for the “Golden Cannabis” quality mark.

Quality matters !

There are a lot of lists, rankings and polls on the web titled with catchy phrases such as:

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The most important features of the Golden Cannabis Ranking

Below, in a few points, we list what is worth paying attention to:

  1. Anonymous purchase of a product from the trade
  2. Analyzes with an accredited method in an accredited laboratory
  3. Verification of the compliance of the product with the composition declared on the packaging
  4. Subsequent control to maintain the high quality of the product
  5. The certificate is only valid for one year, a re-examination is performed after one year
  6. Voluntary submission to an independent assessment by the manufacturer