For whom? How? What for?

Quality matters !

The hemp products industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world! This is evidenced by the annual increase in arable land, the jump in popularity of CBD products, increasing public awareness and the development of hemp processing. Experts estimate the value of the cannabis market in Poland at EUR 2 billion by 2027. Unfortunately, the main factors negatively affecting the image building and profitability of the industry are the lack of quality standardization and clear legal regulations. CBD products are the predominant direction in the use of hemp, consumers are faced with a difficult choice among the hundreds of products available on the market. They are guided by the price, the opinions of friends, in social media, packaging and the quality of marketing. Meanwhile, the available products do not always meet even the basic criterion of customers – the same CBD content as on the packaging. We are aware of the situation in which consumers and the image of reliable producers found themselves . For this purpose, the initiative of an open and free register of products containing any cannabinoids – Golden Cannabis was created.

Why ?

The dynamic increase in the popularity of CBD products and the lack of transparent standardization and quality control attract unfair competition and, in extreme cases, may threaten the health of consumers. Our mission is to make the quality of products transparent and legible for consumers and open to producers.

For whom ?

  • For conscious consumers looking for independent confirmation of the quality of selected products.
  • For companies that have a private label of products containing any cannabinoid in their portfolio, a product audit must be passed, which with a positive result ends with certification.

How ?

  • The program starts at the moment of notification by the manufacturer. Within 30 days, an anonymous purchase of products is made, followed by tests at Cannalabs by Ekotechlab - an independent laboratory accredited in accordance with PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025: 2018-02 in the field of cannabinoid analysis.
  • Certified producers and products are published in a free and open register on the website where the full analysis results can be viewed by everyone.