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Purpose of certification

Independent ranking of hemp products

The Golden Cannabis quality certificate was created for consumers to facilitate the selection of the highest quality products. This is a sort of ranking, but without any products being highlighted. All products listed on our website meet the certification requirements – which means that the amount of cannabinoids declared on the packaging is consistent with the actual amount in the product. There is no producer behind our list, it is not sponsored. We buy products independently and anonymously from the market, so that there is no situation in which a different product is tested in the laboratory than the one that ends up on store shelves. The producer’s participation in the certification is voluntary and payable. We study what is most valuable – cannabinoids. We encourage you to check whether the product you intend to buy is certified!

Cannalabs team

Why is it worth buying certified products?

You are interested in answering the questions, i.e .:

  1. Does CBD full spectrum oil contain non-CBD cannabinoids? If so, what are they?
  2. Does the declared quantity on the package agree with the results of laboratory tests?
  3. What criteria should be followed when making a purchase? The quality of the packaging? The opinion of others?

If you want to know the answers to these questions, please read our portal!

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