How to get the Golden Cannabis quality certificate

Get your Golden Cannabis certificate in 7 steps

7 steps to certify your product

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  • After paying the proforma, we buy products from the market and conduct research
  • After a positive evaluation, we send an e-mail with a contract proposal and a final invoice including the cost of purchasing products from the market, if the product does not meet the requirements, we do not publish the results - we only send the final invoice
  • After signing the contract and paying the invoice, we publish the product on the website and send the certificate by mail

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Test your product with us

Tests for compliance of the product with the declared specification are carried out by the Cannalabs by EkotechLAB Laboratory, accredited in accordance with the PN-EN ISO/EIC 17025: 2018-02 standard in the field of testing the content of cannabinoids in hemp products.

Get the Golden Cannabis Quality Certificate

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