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Joint action: Certification of hemp products - quality in your hands

During the Warsaw WeedFest 2021 fair, we established cooperation with the portal, with which we started an educational campaign entitled: “Certification of hemp products – Quality in your hands!”. The aim of the project is to make consumers aware of the importance of buying products from reliable suppliers. We hear the opinions of consumers that their “supplier has up-to-date analysis certificates” – but are these certificates surely original? Are they not from a few years ago? Were the tests performed by an accredited laboratory in the scope covered by accreditation? Do they concern a batch of goods that I am buying in the store today?

Interestingly, the results of a survey conducted among cannabis consumers show that they believe in what is written on the product label (e.g. that 5% CBD oil actually contains 5% CBD). On the other hand, in the context of commissioning specialized tests, clients are more interested in the scope of the analysis, taking into account the content of metals or pesticides.

However, as shown by the laboratory’s experience, it is not “impurities” that are most often the main problematic parameter of CBD oils, but the lack of compliance of the manufacturer’s declaration with the actual content of cannabinoids in the product. It happens that the oil called “CBD 30%” actually contains 0.5% CBD in the composition. So what is the point of taking MCT or rapeseed oil tested for pesticides, metals and PAHs instead of CBD oil with a reliable cannabinoid content without the above-mentioned analyzes?

The cannabis market is largely unregulated, with no clear regulations or definitions. There are no legal provisions that would define, for example, what the composition of “full spectrum” oil should be. Do we mean “full spectrum” when the product contains two cannabinoids, five or maybe eight?

In order to answer the question: “What is the term full spectrum oil?” at, we have launched an internet portal for consumers, where we publish the composition of products tested under the certification for the Golden Cannabis quality mark. From this list you can find out how different manufacturers understand the concept of “full spectrum” oil.

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