About The Certificate

Basic certification features

What is a certificate

  • We examine products purchased anonymously from the market – in the “mystery shopper” system!
  • We guarantee that the products tested by us comply with the declaration of cannabinoid content given on the packaging.
  • We test the products every year to monitor their quality all the time – the certificate is not awarded “forever”.
  • Tests are performed by an accredited laboratory.
  • The research results are published on our website for free – they cannot be faked, as opposed to “ordinary” research reports published on the websites of online stores / Allegro.
  • The publication of the full composition of cannabinoids gives you the opportunity to make an informed choice of the product.
  • On the packaging of products, there is often only information that, for example, the oil is full spectrum, RAW – we decode what the seller understands by this concept.