Benefits and the most important features of certification

Accessible in a few steps on the path to product certification

Benefits of having the Golden Cannabis quality certificate

The Golden Cannabis quality certificate mark is a testament to the fair sale of hemp products. As a clear graphic and formal signal, it reaches customers’ awareness, increasing trust in the product. The advantage of the Golden Cannabis quality certificate is the identification of the impact of the distribution channel on the product’s compliance with the specified requirements. It also demonstrates care for the customer, because the manufacturer or seller certifies the honesty and quality of its product thanks to the opinion of an independent laboratory. Having a Golden Cannabis quality certified product in the assortment facilitates trading, which supports the activities of entrepreneurs.

  • Independent certification of compliance with the declared composition
  • Possibility to use the quality mark for the product
  • Confirmation of the product composition by a laboratory accredited in the field of hemp analysis
  • Presence in the register of certified products
  • Graphical distinction of the product from the competition
  • Increasing the credibility of the brand
  • Facilitating the sales process
  • A solid argument supporting a number of the company's marketing activities

The most important features of the certificate

  • Analysis of a product purchased anonymously from the market - mystery shopper!
  • The certificate is valid only for 1 year - it is not granted "forever"
  • Confirmation of composition by an accredited laboratory
  • Research results published on the website - they cannot be faked!
  • The guarantee that the product offered on the market conforms to the declaration on the packaging